Lessons on सिद्धान्तकौमुदी

This website contains recordings (webinar .wmv files) of Siddhanta Kaumudi lessons taught by Smt. Sowmya Krishnapur, Geetha Govinda Samskrita Sangha. We remain ever grateful to her

for teaching this shastra

to aspiring students.

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13 Responses to Lessons on सिद्धान्तकौमुदी

  1. geetha vasudevan says:

    I am unable to open and access Srimathi Sowmyaji’s Siddhanta Kaumudi class recordings /class notes.
    Please help.

    • sowmya says:

      Please click on the ‘Recordings’ tab in the top. You should be able to see the list, from which you can download any lesson.

  2. S.Hariharan says:

    I am not able to join Webinar due to connection problem but I was using ur recordings so far Once again 3rd lecture on 19th July not done properly at ur end which may pl be set right

  3. चन्द्रशेखरः says:

    it is possible to hear lesson of july 19, by downloading VLC media player.
    and using our notes of pdf. that is the way i had listened to July 19 lesson.
    hope this helps………………

  4. Medha Michika says:

    The powerpoint file of 24 May (pps-79) cannot be downloaded.
    Could you please check?

    Thank you!


  5. Atman says:

    I have basic sanskrit knowledge – learnt in high school and can understand most of the Gita but when it comes to older upanishads, darshana shastras and bhashyas the language suddenly becomes strange. To upgrade my Sanskrit language with the sole intention of understanding the shastras for my personal benefit which will be the fastest and complete text – Laghu/SiddantaKaumudi or the Astadyayi itself. (for Self-Study)

  6. Krishna Kallapur says:

    I joined recently to this group. Thanks to Ms. Soumya for great classes.

    I would like to know where I will get Bal Manorama book. I would like to purchase the same.

    Please help.

    • admin says:

      Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series has a 4-volume set of Siddhanta Kaumudi with Balamanorama and Tattvabodhini.

  7. Sunita says:

    Your lectures and notes are extremely useful. Thanks a lot for taking precious time out for a noble cause.
    I just have one suggestion to make. If you can also provide the text file or any other editable version of your notes, we can add comments as and when we want. This also provides an option to reduce font size for printing (environment friendly!) when need be.

    • admin says:

      The powerpoint files are editable, provided you have the right fonts installed. You are free to edit them to suit your printing needs.

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