०९ – अजन्तपुँल्लिङ्गप्रकरणम्

Date Topics covered Webinar files mp3 files Notes
December 6, 2010 To be filled wmv-44 mp3-44
December 8, 2010 To be filled wmv-45 mp3-45
December 10, 2010 To be filled wmv-46 mp3-46
December 13, 2010 To be filled wmv-47 mp3-47
December 15, 2010 TO be filled wmv-48 mp3-48
December 17, 2010 To be filled wmv-49 mp3-49
December 20, 2010 To be filled wmv-50 mp3-50
December 24, 2010 To be filled wmv-51 mp3-51
December 27, 2010 To be filled wmv-52 mp3-52
January 12, 2011 To be filled wmv-53 mp3-53
January 14, 2011 To be filled wmv-54 mp3-54
January 17, 2011 To be filled wmv-55 mp3-55
January 21, 2011 To be filled wmv-56 mp3-56
January 24, 2011 To be filled wmv-57 mp3-57
February 11, 2011 To be filled wmv-58 mp3-58
February 14, 2011 To be filled wmv-59 mp3-59
February 16, 2011 To be filled wmv-60 mp3-60
February 21, 2011 To be filled wmv-61 mp3-61
February 23, 2011 To be filled wmv-62 mp3-62
February 28, 2011 To be filled wmv-63 mp3-63
March 4, 2011 To be filled wmv-64 mp3-64
March 7, 2011 To be filled wmv-65 mp3-65(N/A)
March 9, 2011 To be filled wmv-66 mp3-66
March 14, 2011 To be filled wmv-67 mp3-67
March 16, 2011 To be filled wmv-68 mp3-68
March 23, 2011 To be filled wmv-69 mp3-69
March 25, 2011 To be filled wmv-70 mp3-70
April 04, 2011 To be filled wmv-71 mp3-71
April 05, 2011 To be filled wmv-72 mp3-72
April 11, 2011 To be filled wmv-73 mp3-73
April 12, 2011 To be filled wmv-74 mp3-74
April 18, 2011 To be filled wmv-75 mp3-75
April 19, 2011 To be filled wmv-76 mp3-76

9 Responses to ०९ – अजन्तपुँल्लिङ्गप्रकरणम्

  1. Medha Michika says:


    I have been benefited by listening to Srmt Somya Ji’s class everyday.
    I found the Power Point file for January 21, pps-56 is not accessible.
    Could you please look at it?

    Thank you very much for your help.


  2. Thank you for fixing the problem.
    I have downloaded the file.
    Thanks again,

  3. R. Sridharan says:

    I have been following the notes of classes with interest. Listening to the webinar is difficult because of the need to download very large files. Is there some way by which the audio recordings can be made available in CD form?

  4. Priya says:

    I missed the class this Wednesday, March 23, and don’t see the recordings here. Was the class cancelled?

  5. Medha Michika says:

    Dear Admin Ji,

    Can we get PPS files from April onwards?
    The PPS files are great help for note-taking while listening the lectures
    Thank you for your help and support to make all this happen!


  6. Medha Michika says:

    Dear Admin Ji,

    On the Ajanta Strilinga page, the links are not shown from the 13th of June onwards.
    Could you please check that?

    Thank you,

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